Last Of The Factory Sealed NetApp X292A-R5 Drives Worldwide?

Having helped clients with enterprise level hardware needs over the past 16 years, we have seen situations where the client:  prefers new, prefers refurb, would like new, absolutely needs new. If you as an IT manager or are in procurement – are in the last scenario: ...
Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Specs Comparison

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Specs Comparison

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Datasheet and Specs Comparison
The full Cisco Catalyst 9300 Datasheet can be found at this link: Cisco 9300 Datasheet

However, the purpose of this article is mainly to compare the 24 port and 48 port switches to each other and highlight the differences.

(Cisco 9300 hardware is currently in stock. Check our main site here: for in stock items.)

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LTO8 Media Can’t Be Found – LTO7 To The Rescue

THE SITUATION: You upgraded to LTO8 technology.  Now you can’t find LTO8 media. Did you know you can use LTO7 media in an LTO8 tape drive?  Some clients do, some do not. LTO8 media is going to be in very tight supply for the near future until the patent lawsuit...