General and HPE Specific Abbreviations

This is just a list that we had stored somewhere of SSD abbreviations that we thought might be useful to put online for others.

At Vertical Enterprise, our best selling SSDs are HPE, and that’s why this list is geared towards that brand.
However, many of these abbreviations are interchangeable with IBM, EMC, etc.

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Abbreviation Meaning Notes
ACU HPE Array Configuration Utility  
ADU HPE Diagnostic Utility  
DS Digitally Signed Firmware is indicated by Digitally Signed Firmware can be confirmed in the capacity/workload tables by SKU number.
DWPD Drive Writes Per Day  
EB Enterprise Boot HPE generally uses “Enterprise” to determine warranty length.
EL Enterprise Light  
EM Enterprise Mainstream  
EV Enterprise Value  
HE High Endurance AKA “Performance Endurance”
LE Light Endurance  
LPC Low profile carrier converter SFF to LFF  
M.2 SSD Form Factor M.2 is a replacement for mSATA
MDL Midline HPE generally uses “Midline” to determine warranty length.
ME Mainstream Endurance  
MLC Multi Level Cell  
MU Mixed Use  
NAND negative-AND Non-volatile flash memory
NGFF Next Generation Form Factor Now known as “M.2”
NVMe Non-Volatile Memory Express  
PLP Power loss protection  
QR Quick Release Carrier  
RI Read Intensive  
RW Non Hot Plug Carrier  
SPL SAS Protocol Layer Needs confirmation
SC In HP Hot-Plug SmartDrive Carrier  
SCC Smart Carrier Converter  
SLC Single Level Cell  
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol  
TLC Triple Level Cell  
uFF Micro Form Factor  
VE Value Endurance  
WI Write Intensive  


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