Finding the IBM Power5+ board with part number 44V2804 can be quite a challenge.

This specific board, featuring a 1-way 1.9GHz CPU, was utilized in various machines like the pSeries 9111-285, 9131-52a, and the iSeries 9406-520.

IBM had multiple Field Replacement Unit (FRU) part numbers for feature code 8327, and the 44V2804 was among these.
Most, if not all, of these FRUs served as direct replacements for the 44V2804.

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The IBM System Planner (System Board Backplane) includes a single-core 1.9 GHz POWER5+ Processor Card with a 36MB L3 Cache. This processor card is designated as FC 8327 – 520. The 8327 model is a base model 520 system planar (System Board) that houses a 1-way advanced Power5+ DMC Processor with a 36MB L3 Cache.

Key Specs:
– Processor Type: 1-way POWER5+
– Processor Clock Speed: 1.9 GHz
– L3 Cache Size: 36MB
– Model Compatibility: Designed for use with the Model 520 server.

Usage Details for 9405-520:
– Minimum Required: 0
– Maximum Allowed: 1 (Initial order maximum: 1)

Note: If your system feature code is 8325, 8327, or 8330, these codes are associated with model 520 systems that feature a double data rate (DDR) IOPless slot (C4). The DDR slot is exclusively compatible with IOPless adapters, especially those requiring extra high bandwidth. However, it is also backward compatible with slower PCI adapters.

Primary IBM Part Number:
– 42R7380
Alternate IBM Part Numbers:
– 44V2741
– 39J4050
– 39J4055
– 39J4245
– 39J4531
– 42R4531
– 42R5853
– 42R6423
– 42R7379
– 42R7380
– 44V2804
IBM Feature Codes:
– 8327
– 8327-9406
– 9406-8327
– 9407-8327
– 53C3
Clock Speed: 1.9GHz
Compatible with: IBM System i5 520 (and more)
OS level required:
– i5/OS V5R3 with V5R3M5 Machine Code or later
– AIX 5L for Power V5.2 for IBM eServer or later
– Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS for POWER Version 4 or later
– SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 for POWER or later

Backplanes for Models 515, 520, 52A, 525, and 285        
CCIN Failing Function Code Description Model, expansion unit, or unit type Part number
5228 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 1-core, 1.65 GHz DCM processor 9405-520, 9406-520 03N6629
5229 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 2-core, 1.65 GHz DCM processor 9406-520, 9111-520 03N6621
522A 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 1-core, 1.5 GHz SCM processor 9111-520, 9405-520, 9406-520 03N6612
523C 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 2-core, 1.5 GHz DCM processor 9111-520 03N6638
53B9   2.1 GHz processor card, 2-core with 36 MB L3 cache 9111-285, 9131-52A 42R7424
53C1   System backplane, Pilot 2-core, 1.65 GS DCM 9131-52A 44V2761
53C2, 8325 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 1-core, 1.9 GHz, DDR2, SCM 9405-520, 9406-520 44V2748
53C3, 8327 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 1-core, 1.9GHz, DDR2 9111-285, 9407-515, 9131-52A, 9405-520, 9406-520 44V2741
53C4   System Backplane, 0-2-core, 1.9GHz, DDR2, DCM 9406-520 42R6413
8321 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 1-core, 1.65 GHzD, DDR2, SCM 9131-52A 39J4072
8323 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 0-2-core 1.65 GHz, DDR2, DCM 9131-52A 39J4067
8330 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 0-2-core, 1.9 GHz, DDR2, DCM 9111-285, 9131-52A, 9406-520, 9407-515, 9406-525 44V2735
8333 282, 2C4, 308 System backplane, 0-4-core, 1.5 GHz, DDR2, QCM 9131-52A 39J4078
53B7   System backplane, 4-core, 1.65 GHz 9131-52A 42R7418
53B8   System backplane, 1-core, 2.1 GHz 9111-285, 9131-52A 42R7430

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