What is it?

  • IBM BladeCenter S 8886 and 7779 RAID Controller Module Battery
  • PN: 45W5002
  • UPC: 4894128125372

This battery (and the complete module if you need it) is almost always in stock. We can offer tested refurbished units or new.

Pricing? Blog posts are forever, but pricing on this battery changes regularly (usually downward). That is why pricing is not listed.

How do I get one? We have them in stock at our main site here: https://vertical-enterprise.com/store/45w5002-ibm-bladecenter-s-8886-and-7779-raid-controller-module-battery-00y3447-17p8979-22r6833/

It’s often easier to just call (231-492-0286). Or, use the form at the end of the page for our current individual and bulk pricing.

One Battery Backup Unit (45W5002) is bundled with each IBM BladeCenter S SAS RAID Controller Module.
The IBM BladeCenter S chassis requires one Battery Backup Unit, FRU part number 45W5002, for each SAS RAID Module to function.


Capacity 3500mAh
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Volts 4.80V
Dimensions 218.60 x 69.60 x 18.00 mm
UPC 4894128125372
Watt Hour 16.80 Wh

How to install:
Pretty simple. The battery is in the media tray. Just pull the handle down and slide the battery backup unit out of the media tray.

Compatible Replacement Battery Part Numbers:

  • 22R6649
  • 43W3584 (Marketing Part Number for the Controller Module)
  • 45W4439
  • 45W5002
  • 00Y3447 (Marketing Part Number for the battery)
  • 17P8979
  • 22R6833

Command Line Interface management of battery:

battery -ctlr [0|1] -get
– [0|1] – Allows you to select controller 0 or 1.

When you issue this command with the -get option, the current status of the battery is displayed:

Here’s an example:

battery -ctlr 0 -get
Controller 0

Basic battery type and status
BBU State : 1 (Working)
BBU Fault Code : 0 (None)
Part Number : 45W4439
Serial Number : YOURSERIAL-VEE
FRU Number : 45W5002
FirmwareRev : 58.0
Expiration Date : Sat Jul 23 12:00:00 2016
Charging state information
Charging : False
Capacity (Hours) : 72+


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