What is it?

  • HPE 16GB (1 x 16GB) Single Rank x4 DDR4-2400 CAS-17-17-17 Registered Memory Kit
  • Option Part Number (per HP): 805349-B21
  • Spare Part Number: 819411-001
  • Assembly Part Number: 809082-091
  • UPC: 0889296168263

Upgrading HPE server ram is not always straightforward.

As an example, the HPE ProLiant ML350 G6 addresses memory in groups of three with identical memory modules for triple channel performance.

If you mix memory module types or have an even number of them, it doesn’t allow the memory to use it’s full bandwidth.

Also, if this server (and others) have two CPUs, you will want an equal amount of memory installed per CPU for optimum performance.

If you’re not sure where to start with HPE memory upgrades, the HPE Server Memory Configurator is a good place to start.

Even easier would be just to call us at 1-231-492-0286 and skip the configurator.

Blog posts are forever, but pricing on this switch changes regularly (usually downward). That is why pricing is not listed.

How do I get one? We have them in stock at our main site here: https://vertical-enterprise.com/store/805349-b21-hpe-ddr4-16-gb-dimm-288-pin-2400-mhz-pc4-19200-cl17-12-v-registered-ecc/

It’s often easier to just call (231-492-0286). Or, use the form at the end of the page for our current individual and bulk pricing.

Part Number 805349-B21
Alternate Part Number 819411-001
Alternate Part Number 809082-091
Capacity 16GB
Memory Type DDR4
Rank 1Rx4
Speed 2400
Voltage 1.2V
Module Name PC4-19200T-R
Form Factor DIMM
Width x72
Pins 288-pin
Depth 2G
Chip Size 8Gb
Banks 16 Banks & POD-1.2V
Organization x4

Compatible With:

  • HPE Apollo 4520 Gen9
  • HPE ProLiant DL120 Gen9
  • DL120 Gen9 Entry
  • DL160 Gen9
  • DL160 Gen9 Base
  • DL160 Gen9 Entry
  • DL160 Gen9 Performance
  • DL180 Gen9
  • DL180 Gen9 Base
  • DL180 Gen9 Entry
  • DL180 Gen9 Storage
  • DL360 Gen9
  • DL360 Gen9 Base
  • DL360 Gen9 CMS
  • DL360 Gen9 Entry
  • DL360 Gen9 Performance
  • DL360 Gen9 Special Server
  • DL380 Gen9
  • DL380 Gen9 Base
  • DL380 Gen9 Entry
  • DL380 Gen9 High Performance
  • DL380 Gen9 Performance
  • DL380 Gen9 Special
  • DL388 Gen9
  • DL388 Gen9 Base
  • DL580 Gen9
  • DL580 Gen9 Database
  • DL60 Gen9
  • DL60 Gen9 Base
  • DL60 Gen9 Entry
  • DL80 Gen9
  • DL80 Gen9 Base
  • DL80 Gen9 Entry
  • ML110 Gen9
  • ML110 Gen9 Base
  • ML110 Gen9 Entry
  • ML150 Gen9
  • ML150 Gen9 Base
  • ML150 Gen9 Entry
  • ML150 Gen9 Performance
  • ML350 Gen9
  • ML350 Gen9 Base
  • ML350 Gen9 Entry
  • ML350 Gen9 Performance
  • WS460c Gen9
  • WS460c Gen9 Graphics
  • WS460c Gen9 Graphics Expansion
  • XL190r Gen9
  • XL270d Gen9
  • XL2x260w
  • HPE StoreEasy 1850
  • 3850 Gateway Single Node
  • HPE Synergy 480 Gen9 Compute Module
  • 620 Gen9 2S-EX Base Compute Module
  • 620 Gen9 2S-EX Performance Compute Module
  • 660 Gen9 Base Compute Module
  • 660 Gen9 Compute Module
  • 660 Gen9 Entry Compute Module
  • 660 Gen9 Expanded Storage Compute Module
  • 660 Gen9 Performance Compute Module
  • 680 Gen9 4S-EX Base Compute Module
  • 680 Gen9 4S-EX Performance Compute Module
  • …and more…


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