HPE 1040 - 2040 - 9000MSA 1040 / K2Q90A

Many customers that utilize the HP MSA storage units do so because of their entry-level price range for an enterprise level storage appliance. Some pay for HP maintenance – in this case a 3-year 24×7 care pack costs $4,309, however many self-maintain.

If you self-maintain, then this is a deal for you.

With this package, priced at $1,950 – it is the perfect scenario for onsite hot spares / self-maintenance.

You would receive an HP MSA 1040 – in HP Renew condition (original packaging / un-used)

If you would prefer a fully complete unit with dual controllers – final cost is $3,300 – still $1,000 less than a 3 year maintenance package.

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