809806-001, 809807-001, 809808-001, 769751-001 for HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 In Stock

Working our way through StoreServ inventory today and thought we would put this out there.

809806-001, 809807-001, 809808-001 and 769751-001 for HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 are becoming increasingly difficult to find, but are currently in stock.

What are they?
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  • 809806-001: 8GB Memory Very Low Profile (VLP) Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM) DDR3L 1G x 72
  • 809807-001: 16GB Memory VLP DIMM 2 rank DDR3L 1Gx72
  • 809808-001: 32GB Memory VLP DIMM 4 rank DDR3L 1Gx 2
  • 769751-001: 32GB Memory VLP DIMM IC-DDR3L 4Gx72 Dual-Die-Package (DDP) 4Gx72

Without moving parts, memory is not something that fails too often, but if you want to keep some around for Hot Spares for that “Just In Case” situation, we can help.
These part numbers are not just for the StoreServ 8000, and we can help with compatibility with your hardware or suitable replacements.

Pricing? Blog posts are forever, but pricing on this HPE memory changes sometimes (usually downward). That is why pricing is not listed.

How do I get one? The product page links above will work, or it’s often easier to just call (231-492-0286). Or, use the form at the end of the page for our current individual and bulk pricing.


Questions or need pricing on these HPE Memory sticks?

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